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Updated: April 21, 2016







The Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fund announces that effective May 15th we will no longer be collecting donations for the British charity Nowzad Dogs.

Before we began the fund in 2010, there was no way for United States citizens to make tax deductible donations to this charity.  The SAC Fund provided that option for donors and we are proud to announce that during our operation 200 countries have visited our website, over $710,000 has been raised, and we have not only helped with the rescue of hundreds of dogs and cats, but sponsored a number of successful efforts to equip the clinic and support the shelter.

We also developed a connection with a PTSD service dog training program in Chicago, War Dogs Making It Home, and raised all the necessary funds for the transport and service training of the Nowzad dogs Louise suggested and they accepted. This has been another major accomplishment achieved by our donors.  Unfortunately in a recent presentation by Pen, he mentioned Nowzad’s involvement in this area without any acknowledgment of SAC Fund donors’ support or of War Dogs’ work in training and establishing the veteran partnerships for these dogs.  We believe all the organizations who made these achievements possible should be recognized.

As many of you know, in the time since we began Nowzad has formed their own charity in the United States.  Although they have told us, “We have always been enthusiastic to discuss how we can move the Nowzad/SAC connection forward …”, in actual fact both times we tried to discuss working with their American branch, the Nowzad leadership literally left the table and walked away. Getting information on the rescues, while often difficult, has become even more so and we are not to have any contact with the new shelter manager.

Hannah and Pen have told us “Our 501 (c) (3) supports the 100 dogs, 40 cats and 4 donkeys we have in our care, the extensive veterinarian training we undertake, the village outreach projects and the TNBVR programs as well as the clinic and shelter that enables the soldier rescues to take place.”  It seems Nowzad is operating from a much stronger position now and the help we provided in the past is no longer needed.

We will make our final grant to Nowzad on May 16th.  After that date, any donations we receive will go to War Dogs Making It Home, which we will continue to support.    Looking ahead, we will keep the SAC Fund open for a while as we look for another charity helping animals and soldiers that might need our assistance.  While we will keep our donors informed, our donor information will remain confidential and will not be given to any other organization.

Please e-mail or call us at (206) 569-4483 if you have any questions about this transition.



At this time we would like to give special recognition to the following:


There are very few of us here at the SAC Fund, so each of us has an essential role to play, but no one is  more essential than Laura, our Facebook Administrator.  When she approached us in 2011, asking if she could help, we told her we really needed someone to operate a Facebook page for the SAC Fund.  Her exact words were,” I don’t know diddly about Facebook, but I’m willing to learn.”  Well, “learn” she has and she has been a constantly effective, vital part of our efforts.  Really a major part of our success.  Thank you, Laura.  We appreciate you more than you can imagine. 



It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked with you on this cause.  We extend our appreciation to you for the many, many rescues, and shelter and clinic needs you’ve supported.  And for these special partnerships:

AJ and Kala



Nate and Hannah




Matthew and Rufus




Robert and Livvy








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Our Purpose



The purpose of the Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fund is to help the animals who’ve meant so much to our troops and who can ultimately mean so much to our veterans.

By supporting Nowzad Dogs, we promote the welfare and rescue of animals in war-torn Middle Eastern countries where our soldiers are stationed. These animals have often provided immeasurable comfort to those serving in harsh and extremely difficult situations.  These dogs who find their way into our soldiers’ compounds and into their hearts, are often left behind to suffer terribly when the soldiers must move on.  We want to help them go home with the soldiers who love them.

By supporting War Dogs Making It Home, we promote service dog training for our veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI.

The value of these animals for the morale and health of our soldiers cannot be overestimated.

the following excerpt from The National Alliance on Mental Illness helps illustrate this point:
According to the Army Surgeon General’s special assistant for mental health, Col. Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, M.D., the Army is using dogs “much more” to help soldiers recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  “Animals are not just cute,” Ritchie said. “They provide support.”
The observation came at a 2010 NAMI Convention symposium on “Veterans and Military Mental Health,” focusing on the needs of returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other veterans


Soldiers’ Animal Companions Fundis a Donor Advised Fund, administered by Charities Aid Foundation America (CAFAmerica), a US 501c(3) public charity that specializes in the responsible oversight of global giving, American donors may claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by law for their contributions.



The money raised through this fund will go directly to the following:


Nowzad Dogs, the British charity responsible for the rescue of our soldiers' adopted pets from Afghanistan.




War Dogs Making It Home, an organization helping Veterans with PTSD and TBI






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The SAC Fund thanks all our donors
 and the following organizations for their support:

The Bushong Family Foundation

The Sence Foundation

The Tamaki Foundation
Onyx and Breezy Foundation

The Tauber Foundation
The Community Foundation of Boulder County
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