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Zabba's Story
This little dog was looking at a grim (and very short) future when Louise found her on some waste ground trying to eat a piece of plastic.  Instead of representing just one more abused and suffering animal, she became a symbol of survival and of how help can come from many unexpected places.



At the time Zabba was found she was nothing but skin and bones.  Her ears and tail had been cut off and were badly infected. Louise scooped her up and took her back to the Nowzad clinic.

There she immediately received medical attention…

… food, and love.

Zabba was safe – likely for the first time in her existence – but her journey to find a new life (and even more rescuers) was just beginning.
Enter Regan. 
Regan is a wonderful Nowzad supporter.  She writes of how she came to be Zabba’s adopter:

“I spent 29 months in Helmand province in Afghanistan working with US Marines and my UK uniformed guys and gals.
After 15 months in Iraq, I went out of my way to not get close to any of the furry kids that made our bases home. It hurt too much. I came home to the US in November and immediately adopted a stateside kitty and rescued a puppy here.
Then, Louise posted a photo of an earless, tail-less beauty named Zabba (which means beautiful in Pashtu) that she had rescued and I e-mailed her about adopting her.
Then my new puppy turned out to be a demon in fur, so I backed out of adopting Zabba. I wasn't sure I could handle two puppies the same age. Louise felt differently. She convinced me that I could.

So I am bringing Zabba home. I sing lullabies to the puppy I have now, spend ridiculous amounts of money at the pet store, and give up my bed every night.”

But offering Zabba a home was only one part of Regan’s generosity.  When it came to funding Zabba’s rescue she wrote,

“I can fully fund Zabba; however, I will match all donations to Nowzad at 100% to help the clinic. Any amount you give will go directly to the other animals, just donate like you would to bring Zabba home and Nowzad gets $4000 USD for the animals!”

This was a fantastic offer -- not only to give Zabba a wonderful home, but also to bring in much-needed funds for the clinic and the other animals.

Many donors responded.  Among them the SAC Fund Club of Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  This wonderful group of students raised money to add to Zabba’s matching funds – and made a significant contribution to her rescue goal.
The number of Zabba’s rescuers had grown -- from Louise, to the Nowzad family, to Regan, to SAC Fund donors, to the students of a high school in New Jersey.
After being the poster child for this matching-funds appeal, Zabba found herself on her way to the great state of Virginia in the United States.
Regan was very happy to welcome her.  On Zabba’s first night home she was so tired she just laid her head against Regan and fell asleep.

And Regan wasn’t the only one who thought she made a great addition to the family. Her new “little sister” Anya also thought Zabba was pretty great.  On Zabba’s first night she cuddled on the other side of Regan and was content as could be.

The two soon became best buddies.

Here is a short video of them playing in the water.

And sleeping together.  Good thing there’s lots of room on Regan’s bed.

Zabba’s new life includes learning as well as loving and playing. Here is a video of her training.
And no matter what, there’s always time for treats and toys.

Regan tells us,

“Zabba is a wonderful dog!  She is so sweet.  I love these dogs and they love each other!”




With the assistance of so many who cared, Zabba’s is now living a beautiful life with her family in Virginia.

She is a true testament to the power we have when we all come together to support a common goal – in this case the rescue of a sad, discarded little dog, lost in Afghanistan.