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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Soji's Story

Adam, a soldier on patrol in Afghanistan, found Soji in a pile of trash. He knew all too well what would be her fate if he left her behind. Puppies in the region Soji was found face a number of barriers to survival, and if captured are often subjected to extremely inhumane treatment.

Adam scooped up the tiny puppy to bring back to the base with him, but little Soji was so afraid of people that she screamed when he lifted her and then peed all over Adam’s uniform.
Although she wasn’t looking too well when he found her, Adam was able to nurse her back to health.

He said, “It didn’t take her too long to realize that things were on the up for her and she quickly fattened up like a tick from eating everything in sight.”
As Adam has told us, puppies are often a bright spot in an otherwise dark time for soldiers. A special bond forms between these dogs and the soldiers who rescue them..
Together Nowzad and Adam coordinated efforts to get Soji to the Nowzad shelter in Afghanistan, where she waited in safety until funds were raised to transport her out of the country.
On April 27th Soji arrived in Seattle, Washington where she was met by Adam’s partner, Tara, who will care for Soji until Adam comes home too.
Tara says that while Adam gave Soji food, shelter, and love, she in turn gave him companionship, devotion, and hope. Tara planned to give Soji one of Adam’s shirts to sleep with her on her first night home.
Adam has also expressed his gratitude to Nowzad Dogs for helping make this possible.
He wrote, “It’s a crazy world and an organization that makes something that seems impossible, like bringing an animal companion back from a war zone, possible, definitely deserves all the help it can get.”