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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Rahbi's Story
Rahbi is a puppy who originally lived in a parking lot with his mother and litter-mates about 100 meters from his soldier’s base.

On November 21st the soldiers were attacked by two suicide bombers and the bombs exploded right next to Rahbi's home. The blast likely terrified him because ever since that day he would run toward the base whenever the traffic got bad.
One day the soldiers opened the gates to allow a convoy in and along with the convoy came Rahbi. As his soldier says, “he was running in as if he were just part of the group.”

It didn’t take long for little Rahbi to win the hearts of the soldiers that cared for him, but due to policy they knew they couldn't keep him.

First they tried to find a safe place for him to live outside the base gate, but there he was in constant danger of being run over or abused – sometimes he was even kicked around the street.

Then the soldiers went against policy and sectioned off an area where they could hide him.

Knowing that he’d likely be discovered and eventually kicked out, they contacted Nowzad in an attempt to save him.

Rahbi was safely transported to the Nowzad shelter while he waited for his rescue flight home to the States.

Safe from the Afghanistan cold, he made himself comfortable with a warm spot next to a shelter heat source.

Finally the day came when he was placed in a kennel to start his journey to a completely new life.
He was happily welcomed when he arrived in New Jersey, where he will be cared for by his soldier’s mother until his soldier comes home.

Rahbi lost no time getting acquainted with his new family members – both real and no-so-real.

When his solder’s mother was asked, “What’s so different with this dog?” she answered with words that could apply to all these rescues:
“He is from the heart.”