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Pippa's, Rufus' and Livvy's Stories
Happy Valentine’s Day!  For February we’d like to share the stories of three loved dogs who are also giving lots of love back.  These Nowzad rescues are working with veterans at War Dogs Making It Home in Chicago.  Just as new futures have been provided for them – they are helping provide new futures for our veterans

Here are Pippa, Rufus, and Livvy:
Pippa, working as a K9 Training Liaison for War Dogs, helps new participants learn the dog-handling ropes.  
Pippa started life as one of Momma Dog’s puppies.  They were rescued by British soldiers from a hole in No-Man’s land where they were born.

After their rescue, Momma Dog and her puppies were safely transported to the Nowzad shelter
where Pippa grew into a lovely dog.

Louise recognized that with her temperament she would be suitable for work with War Dogs Making It Home.  They were happy to accept her and thanks to many generous donors both her rescue and her training were funded.  She was soon on her way to Chicago where Elana and War Dogs were happy to greet her.
Now she’s an important part of their training program.

And rightfully takes pride in graduations she’s helped make possible.

Rufus came to the Nowzad shelter as a very young puppy.  Since he had no mother to care for him, Louise and the shelter staff raised him by hand.
As he grew, Louise observed his temperament and felt he might be a good service dog candidate. 
Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Dan, who shot an “audition tape” for Rufus, War Dogs agreed to accept him into their program.  Again, our amazing donors stepped up to provide for his rescue and the Bushong Family Foundation funded his service dog training.
He was only seven months old when he arrived in Chicago and the new world seemed pretty scary at first.

But Rufus quickly became acclimated and learned just as quickly.  He was soon was performing beautifully in class.
And he’s not shy about showing how much he loves his new life.

Rufus is well on his way to becoming a partner and providing a veteran with a lifetime of love and companionship

Livvy, formerly known as Betty, was a SAC Fund Feature Story last November.  Louise had also hand-fed her and raised her from puppy-hood.  A wonderful organization, No Dog Gets Left Behind, funded both her rescue and her service dog training.

Again, Dan created an audition tape for this potential service dog, and after seeing it, War Dogs Making It Home, happily accepted her.  Livvy arrived in Chicago and began adjusting right away.

She already looks like a pro in class.

And just like Rufus, she’s happy to show her love.

We’re very proud of these dogs and are very grateful to all – individual donors and organizations – that have made Pippa, Rufus, and Livvy  a special gift of love to our veterans.