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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Mousetrap's Story
Mousetrap’s soldier describes how he came to meet her and how she came to mean so much to him:

“I was stationed at FOB Sharana for almost six months, and shortly after my arrival I saw a cat in the shadows around my living area. It was very elusive for the longest time. I'd put food out for it and the food would disappear by morning.
Several months went by without actually seeing the cat, until one day she walked in my room while my door was open! Friendly as could be, we bonded instantly.
She seemed to be able to sense danger and would sometimes disappear. She had a keen sense of smell and started showing up down near our work area, where our Indian friends would always be cooking. Despite all the chaos in our everyday lives, she'd always seem to come around and put smiles on our faces, making us feel a little bit closer to home.

I really dreaded when I'd have to depart and leave her to fend for herself :(

Well, the day the day came when we started packing up and tearing down most of the wooden structures around our compound. She had several safe havens where she'd hide and they were both gone. I hadn't seen her in a few days and figured she'd taken refuge somewhere else. On one of the final days of cleaning up and to my surprise, she appeared out of nowhere! I looked over and saw her sitting on a jersey barrier. The funny thing is that she was sitting on my small backpack as if she were trying to tell me something! At this point I knew that I couldn't leave her behind.
With only several days left before flying out, I needed a plan and quick. My only option was to leave here with some friends in another unit who'd be around for another couple of months.
They had a problem with mice and gladly looked after her for me until I could figure something out.

I had to leave, but I left some contact info with everyone and told them that I was serious about trying to take Mousetrap home. I found Nowzad and before I knew it a plan came together and after a 100mile taxi ride she was safe and sound at the shelter :)
I tried putting her in a box, but that wasn't happening...never had a cat that liked riding in a vehicle before!”

Here is Mousetrap at the shelter.
Her soldier adds,
“This is my first tour in Afghanistan, but I spent 4 tours in Iraq and cared for cats as for some reason they'd always seek me out. It was the same story, not wanting to leave them behind living a horrible life. This little Kitty stole my heart and I'm going to do everything I can to get her back to my home in Indiana where she'll be a house cat without a worry in the world.”

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Mousetrap was soon on her way to Indiana.
Her soldier was so excited to reunite with her.

And Mousetrap was happy to be home.

She had three cat brothers to greet her: Rufus, Snapper and Nike.

Here she is meeting Nike.

And here she is meeting Snapper.

Rufus seems to be more her cup of tea.
Her soldier says that Mousetrap is “strictly an indoor cat and adjusted well after living a hard life in Afghanistan.”
Where her three brothers are concerned he says, “She is definitely the queen of the castle.”
And he wants to tell everyone who had a role in bringing her home, “Thanks for all the help and support!”