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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Mezzie's Story
Mezzie’s soldier tells us, “Mezzie was born just about three years ago on Super Bowl Sunday to the camp dog DeeDee or DD. DeeDee was originally called Dirty Dog because she liked to play in the mud and it slowly changed into DeeDee. DD had several puppies – many of which were adopted by soldiers and taken out to other sites to serve as companion animals. Mezzie was the only new puppy not adopted and so she stayed behind, growing up on the camp with her mom.”



“Initially I just looked out for her and kept her out of trouble around camp, something that can be tricky with a puppy in Afghanistan.  But as time went on I became very attached to her.

It was always nice seeing Mezzie and DD roaming the camp as they were very friendly and greeted everyone. They would usually come by the motor pool where I worked and it was a nice morale boost whenever they came by.”


“She was such a friendly dog and soon wherever I went she would follow. She was neutered and got her shots on base so I was able to keep her healthy and free of disease.  And more importantly she did not have any pups.

Now I never had a dog before but over time I became attached to them and would look out for them. Eventually I setup a dog bed in the area I worked and they would sleep in there at night. I was even able to make the door dog friendly so they could come and go as needed. Over time I got a dog bed for Mezzie so she could sleep in my room every night since it was warmer there during the winter months.”


“After a while I knew I needed to make sure DD and Mezzie were taken care of even after I left as Afghanistan is not typically a friendly place for dogs. One of the soldiers on camp adopted DD and I decided that when I left I would take Mezzie.

Mezzie helped get me through my tour and I knew I needed to make sure she had a good home. To leave her behind was just not an option.”

With the help of Nowzad Mezzie was transferred to the Nowzad shelter and before long funds were raised to send her home to the United States.


Once Mezzie arrived in Florida it was a whole new world!  Her soldier said that this picture was taken right after she was able to get out of her pet carrier at the airport.  He tells us, “She was super surprised by all the grass and was so amazed. She was so excited when she saw me and to get out of that cage.”


“It was really easier than I thought to train her for her transition to life in the US. She has taken to my family very well and now enjoys the benefits of being in America. Now she follows me everywhere here and she really enjoys being able to run on the grass.”



Obviously Mezzie is happy both outdoors in Florida and relaxing at home.



Her soldier says, “I was very nervous at first about how I was going to be able to get her out of Afghanistan but Nowzad really made it work. They have helped rescue so many animals and it really is a blessing. I'm currently hoping to arrange a visit between Mezzie and DD now that they are both home in the US.”