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Larry's Story
This Rescue has a special feature of its’ own:  comments about Larry from our great supporter Dan, who helped with Larry when he was in Kabul.

Here’s Larry’s story:
His soldier told us, “Larry was only a few weeks old when he was found by our soldiers at an ANSF checkpoint, and he was immediately adopted as a member of their team.”


“He hung out and lived with the team for a few months before they got orders to relocate. Being unable to take Larry with them, they began looking for someone to adopt him. My team was fairly close to the soldiers who originally adopted Larry, and as a result we were very fond of Larry ourselves.

Since I view Larry as an honorary member of the team, I decided that he could not be left behind and I began making arrangements to rescue him.

If my team and I had not stepped in to make sure Larry was taken care of he would have been left all alone in Afghanistan wondering if he would ever be loved again. We could not allow this to happen.”

In July Larry was transferred to the Nowzad facilities in Kabul and his soldier.
asked us all, “Please help me to give Larry the life he deserves by sharing and donating.”

Enter Dan, who tells us:
“I had already been in Kabul for a few days when Larry arrived at the clinic.
One morning, Pen asked me to take ‘Larry, the new dog’ out of the dog run to stretch his legs, so I looped a leash around his neck and led him out to the grassy lawn/courtyard just outside the clinic.  By then, I had inhaled enough of the dust and exhaust fumes of Kabul to appreciate how much of a treasure this small, tree-shaded patch of green represented.  Larry and I settled down on the grass under the shade of a huge tree and listened to the early-morning sounds of the compound and the surrounding city.
I was immediately struck by how calm he was - no straining at the leash or bouncing wildly all over the place.  I was also struck by how well socialized he was to humans.  He was completely happy to simply sit between my legs take in his new surroundings.  And the more I could see how much he enjoyed my company, the longer I wanted to stay there with him. Duty called, however, and I eventually had to take him back to his dog run, but when I closed the gate behind me to leave, he was clearly distressed at my departure.  It tugged at my heart.
The next morning … I had some down time and decided to spend it with Larry - who, by then, had been moved to a larger dog run by himself.  I spent the better part of an hour just lounging with him.  He had the entire dog run to move around in, but he tucked himself right up against my leg and stayed there - as long as I stayed put, so did he.
I was a bit sad, because I knew we would be transferring him to the shelter later that afternoon, and once he was there, I wouldn't have much of a chance to spend time with him any more (it's a 20-minute drive or more between the clinic and the shelter).  So I enjoyed the remaining time I had with him and tried not to think about the fact that it would be ending soon.

I took [this] last photo … at the shelter on the afternoon of July 2 - the last time I saw Larry.  I was pleased that he had been placed in the same run as another sweet-tempered dog from the clinic.


Still, it broke my heart to leave him at the shelter, because I had learned, up-close and personal, how much he loved human interaction, … I left Kabul, with Larry very much on my mind - as he has been ever since.”

Fortunately, thanks to Dan and several other donors, Larry’s time in the shelter was short.  In early September Pen and Hannah brought him with them to New York where he was greeted at Hounds’ Town for a one-night lay-over.

And from there it was off to Mississippi, where Larry now lives with his soldier’s family while they all await his return from Afghanistan.

His soldier’s wife, Larry’s new ‘mom,’ told us,”
“He is a great dog.  We had a few rough days at first. We already had a dog and a cat.  Our first dog is named Baxter.  He had to get used to sharing the kids.”
But soon it all worked out and Larry’s loving personality helped Baxter accept his new “brother.”

His soldier’s wife says, “Larry loves to play, and the kids love to play with him.”

She adds, “For the most part he fits right in. “


And we’re sure Larry’s soldier is glad to know he’s safely home and living a wonderful new life in Mississippi.

For this dog that so loved human companionship, there are finally loving humans he can always call his own.