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Kevin's Story
Kevin is a soldier’s rescued dog our donors helped bring home.

We were happy to partner with two other organizations to make this rescue happen.
The SAC Fund worked in conjunction with War Paws, a British charity, to raise the funds needed to cover Kevin’s costs in Iraq (vet care, kennels, travel crate, etc.) and his flight to Jordan and kenneling in Jordan.

Puppy Rescue Mission funded his journey from Jordan to America.

Here is his story as told to us by his soldier:

“Kevin wandered over to where we were staying the night at about four weeks old. He was very dirty and very skinny. I later found the rest of his litter about 800m away but you couldn't get close to them as they were very skittish and not interested in people.
Why he ventured over and found us who knows, but it saved his life. We immediately gave him a bowl of water and started feeding him out of our rations. He became very attached to us and wouldn't leave our immediate area. He slept under the cots and waited for us to return at night. A couple weeks later when we moved locations there was no question he would have to come along.
We packed our trucks and made sure there was room for him in the cab.
Since then he has travelled all over with the team from location to location never to be left behind, and his name has become synonymous with the locals. He is now part of the team. He sleeps in the team house, he takes it as his personal mission to stand guard at night and makes sure nothing comes close. Leaving him behind at this point would be like leaving a member of the team. I couldn't imagine just leaving him to fend for himself or how he would feel if he woke up one morning to find us gone.
He and I are especially close as I have been his care taker for these last four months. He usually sleeps next to my cot and makes it a point to come check on me throughout the day if we are home.
It hasn't been too difficult to take care of him as everyone is always interested in him and many family members have sent him food, treats and toys from back home. He has a lot of people here that look forward to his return to the USA.
Please help me to take Kevin home by donating and spreading the word about him!”
Soon Kevin made it out of the area where his soldier was stationed and was kept safe at kennels in Iraq. 
Here are some pictures of him at these kennels in Erbil:

From there Kevin was sent to kennels in Jordan.

And finally – after some unexpected delays, Kevin was flown to his home in Tennessee!
Although he didn’t make it home for Christmas, he definitely made it a Happy New Year in Nashville!

Thank you for helping us create another happy ending!