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Ka Bull's Story
We’re starting the New Year with a very happy rescue – Ka Bull.  He first showed up at the start of an Afghan holiday and now helps us welcome a holiday around the world.



Ka Bull’s soldier told us about him and why he wanted to save him:

“Ka Bull (KB )showed up at our compound here in Kabul with the start if the Eid holiday. He was a little timid at first, but greeted all of us pretty quickly.
He started to take turns following different people around and try to get them to play with him. He loves to chew on hands and fingers and he is learning how to play fetch. Now he follows us to our hangar for work and follows us home at the end of the day. His sweet nature and instinct to guard and protect were all we needed to convince us that he would be a great addition to our "work family". His love and playfulness has given us all a great morale boost.

When we found out that he would be shot if he ever went out onto the airfield, I knew that he needed to have a good, safe home.”

Fortunately for Ka Bull, that safe home was on the way. His soldier found out about Nowzad and said,

“Now, with the help of NOWZAD, he will have the chance to grow into a normal, fun-loving dog with a healthy dog loving family.
We can't wait until he joins our family in the U.S. so we can welcome him into his Forever Home.”

Before long Ka Bull was at the Nowzad shelter and had received all the necessary vaccinations to send him on his way.  And once again donors responded with help funding his rescue.

He arrived at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington State at the end of 2013.

Lots of new experiences soon came his way.  There were new sisters and brothers.

Fun to play with …

And to relax with …

He even received recognition from the American Kennel Club

And visited a Fourth of July “LoggeRodeo”

In fact, visiting with his owner is one of his favorite things to do.  Here he visits the local hardware store.  His owner says,

“They all love to see him come in, he is always well behaved.”

All in all, life is pretty good for Ka Bull.

His “mom” even made a quilt telling the story of his rescue and how he came to be a resident of the United States.

Ka Bull’s owner tells us,
“KB has adjusted well. He has become the "protector" of 3 dachshunds and follows them around the house. He has even learned to open the patio door (mostly to come into the house). Thank you to all of the Nowzad Family who helped get him home, and especially to Pen and Vana with SACFund for their help in Seattle.”