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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

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Jackson (aka Kiah)'s Story
Jackson, formerly known as Kiah, is one very lucky puppy.  His first rescuer first spotted him near the entrance to a base in Kabul.




She wrote:
“Kiah was born, along with his two brothers and sister, near the entrance gate to a base in Kabul.  We were driving through one day, saw them scampering about, and decided to stop to have a look.  Kiah was the first to run up to me with his tail wagging.  He sat quietly at my feet as I petted his head.  He even closed his eyes and tipped his head back so I could get a better angle on his ears.
Kiah's brothers were curious, but after a good sniff and a tail wag they were back to their playing, Kiah wasn't interested in anything other than my attention, even after someone put food down.  We stopped by for more visits after that and everyday it was the same thing--Kiah wanted attention from people while his brothers played and ate.  He is happy and playful and probably thinks he's being hilarious when he picks up the water bowl and dumps it all over the ground.  He is confident enough to roll over on his back to get his belly scratched and one time fell asleep in the warm sun as I knelt over him and rubbed his chin.”

This rescuer wanted to take Kiah with her to Jordan and with Nowzad’s help, it seemed a real possibly.  She hoped that “Kiah will live in Jordan and spend his days playing in a garden full of olive trees.”

Once at the Nowzad shelter, donors were asked to please not let his trust in humans go unrewarded by helping him on his way.



And of course, donors responded.  One generous SAC Fund donor actually completed Kiah’s funding very quickly, so before very long he was set to go.
But unfortunately, his trip to Jordan fell through.




Enter Kiah’s second rescuer.

This person wrote from the US:

“I fell in love with little Kiah when I saw the photo of him.  He has such soulful, gentle eyes.  I know the reality that animals face in countries like Afghanistan and I want to give Kiah the wonderful life that he deserves--a life filled with belly rubs, kisses, and chewie treats on the couch with his adoptive brothers, Jango and Bailey.  He'll spend his days playing with his brothers and getting lots of love and attention from me.

We live on a golf course, and if Kiah is anything like Bailey, he'll love discovering lost golf balls in the flower gardens and bringing them to me with the proudest look on his face!  Of course, Jango will be excited to have another brother who will play unending games of tug-of-war with him with their stuffed toys.  He'll go for lots of walks around the subdivision and enjoy running around his back yard and sunning himself on the patio.
I can give little Kiah a great home and a wonderful life in the United States.”

And so it was that Kiah went from the streets of Kabul to a home in Michigan.
Thanks to Nowzad, caring donors, and a wonderful new owner.
One lucky puppy!



Life in Michigan first meant getting a new name:  Jackson!  Here Jackson hangs out with his new brother Bailey.



He really enjoys playing with Bailey, his other brother Jango, and visiting Skyie…



And getting in some good naptime with his new friends.




His owner tells us:

“… he is settling in and becoming more comfortable with what is probably a very different way of life for him.  He is loving the snow, by the way.



He likes to nose-dive his head into a drift and then just lie down in it with his head buried.  Goofy boy! :-) "



She adds,

“He is a very loving boy.  He always wants to please me, so he is very attentive and always watching and trying to learn what my words and actions mean – much more so than his brothers.  Those eyes of his are the most beautiful, soulful eyes I think I’ve ever seen.  I feel like he and I already have a very strong connection, and I’m really looking forward to deepening that connection over time.

Thank you… for making it possible for him to have a happy and loving life here in the U.S. and thank you for giving me the opportunity to raise him.”