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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Hope II's Story
Hope is a very fortunate puppy, found and rescued by one of our soldiers serving in Iraq.
From Iraq he told us her story:
“When we found her, she was tiny and covered in dirt and fleas. Her belly was bloated from eating garbage.




She was so cute, though.  We talked to the people that were feeding her and negotiated a trade of a pair of sunglasses for her.  We put her in the truck and took her home with us.



When we got her home we gave her a bath because she was covered from head to toe in fleas and dirt.



After her bath, the stressful day had worn her out and she spent the rest of the night sleeping



Hope spent the next few weeks living on the roof of the house and trying to get used to eating solid food.



She grew and started to become more playful and outgoing.



Now she spends her time keeping me company and stealing anything that I set down as I work.



Hope is growing very quickly.  She is playful and obedient, especially when I have food.  She is a good dog who is always happy to see you.  Every time that I leave her, I miss her.

We are all very close with her and I really want to give her a good home with me back in the States.”



Thanks to Nowzad and the help of many, Hope’s soldier was able to make this dream come true and Hope was soon on her way to Washington state.




We received this message from her soldier:

“I brought Hope home from Iraq a few weeks ago. I wanted to thank you for your help. She is healthy and happy here.

She follows me around everywhere I go when I am at home. We go for walks in the evening. We go to work together on short days so that she can see the guys.



She is busy being a restless puppy most of the day. There is never a dull moment with her around.



Here is a photo of her preferred sleeping position.


She is very important to all of us, me especially. I am so glad to have her here. Again, thank you for your help.”