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Ghansa's Story
When Ghansa entered the world her survival seemed very unlikely.  Then she and her siblings were discovered by some of our Air Force personnel.


Her Airman tells of her rescue:

“Sometimes being in a place where you are away from friends and family can be hard.  On the day we found the puppies, our hearts were committed to keeping them alive. Only three of the seven survived.

They were born on Embassy Road on the Kabul Embassy compound to a stray tan and white unknown breed.  She left them for unknown reasons but we could not leave them.   Every day for 4 days, I returned to provide deworming medication, reunite the pups with their mother or to catch her so the pups could get the proper nourishment.
After we knew [the mother] would not dare be caught, I returned for two weeks to ensure at least she was fed.
Thanks to Nowzad we were able to feed mom and pups!! It is sad we could not rescue her as well.

Being in a “war zone,” we lose so many that we try to save but can’t…the pups let us save them.  We tried for days to reunite them with their mother and had no success; but we had to make sure they survived.   For 22 days, we committed to bottle feedings every 2-3 hours, we held them to they could stay warm and made sure they were never alone.
They lessened my loneliness and made my time absolutely enjoyable.  Well, waking up every two hours was rough but then they would snuggle up to me and go back to sleep.  I would not have traded this experience for anything.
Honestly, saving them was humbling.  Those pups didn’t stand a chance!
Thanks for helping us save them.  Because of your support and all of the military soldiers that dedicated their time and energy to their rescue, we can ensure they receive great homes.
My mother, a military veteran, has understood the stress and loneness of beginning deployed.  She has been my support as I was for the pups.  After thinking long and hard, she committed to helping the soldiers in my unit, give Ghansa loving and happy home.
Funny story about the name—Ghan in “Afghanistan” and the “sa” is in Tasha, my name.  My mother comes up with the weirdest things. She is so excited and grateful she could help us give them a home.

Thank you for all of your support and we are so grateful for what you do to help animals have a chance to live long and healthy lives.”

Click here for a video showing Ghansa’s arrival in Texas:     
Ghansa’s new owner, her airman’s mother, has filled us in on her new life since she came home:

She tells us:

“Thanks to you, our "pup" is settling in, on her terms.  We've lost slippers, rugs, bedding and a window sill due to her teething, but we are surviving!
My airman (Tasha) has been home briefly since the homecoming on August 31st, and has done her absolute best to help train us on a large pup!  Ghansa shakes hands now, learned only in the past week, sleeps in the bedroom at night with no problem, and is just a gem!  Except of course when left alone to her own devices or [when she gets overly] excited when we come home...    We love this gentle giant but definitely need to find time for professional training! 
She is so loving and intelligent. !  Ghansa's her name and Toys are her game!  LOL  (and rocks and sticks.... loves to chew everything except what she's supposed to!






She is just a blessing, a joy to come home to.  And do you see the brown and white on her, the colors of her siblings?  I got all three rescues in one!



Thank you for all you've done and continue to do!  Did I mention that she's spoiled and torn up 10 toys so far?  But we just keep givin' her love!!!!!

Thank you, your organization, and the soldiers who bring these fur babies home!  Your site and organization are definitely on my Page and authorized donations pages!  THANK YOU!”