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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

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Echo Bacon's Story 
Echo’s soldier told us "We first met Bacon Cat when she crawled out from under our barracks building looking like she was starving and meowing up a storm. As you can tell from the photos, when we found here she wasn't even as big as my foot! She's just a tiny little thing, and she quickly won the hearts of me and my fellow soldiers and so we did the only thing humane individuals could do.

We offered her food and water and play. We started calling her Bacon because when she first came to us it was the only food we had to give her. Once we started getting other kinds of food for her to eat, we realized she had a favorite. She would devour any bacon thrown her way with a quickness! Thus the name.

She always kept us company when we were on guard and was quick to occupy a lap if she saw one open.

She was a definite morale boost as we spent our time in a remote area with very little in the way of amenities."
Thanks to her soldier, we are fortunate to have Echo Bacon’s story as “told” by her:
Hello, my name is Echo. I’m The Bacon Cat! I was born in a faraway land called Afghanistan, but it was really dusty there and I didn’t like it much. I decided I needed more friends because I was hungry and friends always give you food. One day I noticed some people walking around who were kind of hard to see. Their fur was the same color as all the dust! I decided that they would make good friends and so I introduced myself and low and behold! Food! Bacon even! They let me eat all the bacon I could fit in my belly. They started calling me Bacon and even gave me the name Echo because I like talking so much. They pet me and fed me and in return I kept them company when they were up late at night. I really liked these people and one day one of them promised me that he would take me home! I wasn’t sure what that meant, but it sure sounded exciting!

Suddenly, my friend with a home disappeared! He was nowhere to be found and I searched all over the place even. The people that were left still took good care of me. They fed me and gave me pets and I still gave them plenty of company, but my friend was missing.

Bacon was a great kitty on guard shifts in Afghanistan. She would sit in the tower cuddled up in a lap. If a soldier would start nodding off- a no no! – she would swat him to keep him awake!! Or she'd meow and converse with him.

Then one day I was taken to a whole new place with all new people.

Bacon arrived at the Nowzad shelter in an ammo crate that the soldiers made into a carrier for her.

I was super scared, but they had food still so I figured they were friends too. Then I was put in a small box in a dark place for a long time. I thought my days with friends were at an end. For a little kitty from Afghanistan, I have to admit that I wasn’t surprised. Kitties where I’m from don’t have friends for long. After what seemed like forever with my ears popping and lots of loud noises I was suddenly reintroduced to daylight!

There was a nice lady there who gave me treats and talked real sweet to me. She took me to the doctor and told me I was a sweet little kitty. I already knew that, but it was nice to hear still. After another really long ride in a small cage she finally said I had reached home! I had no idea it would be such a long adventure, but I was super happy to be there finally and be reunited with my long lost friend from another land.

As friends are wont to do, he fed me. A lot! I even had new kitty friends to pal around with. It has been amazing! I spend my days looking out huge windows and all the green grass and little birdies flying around. There are all kinds of places for me to scratch and climb and lounge, and my new family is just the greatest. I have befriended a little white kitty who likes to play and chase with me. There are all kinds of toys here too, and did I mention the food? It’s a never ending supply! I find myself in a constant state of purr and it is the happiest this kitty has ever been. Thank you Nowzad for letting this kitty and many other of my fellow Afghan fuzzies have a chance at a comfortable life with people who love us.

Bacon’s owners tell us that she has slept in bed with her soldier from the first night she got home to America.

Even though she is the only cat in her new home without an “S” name -- her brothers and sisters are Snort, Sniffles, Scruffles and Sophie – she integrated with her new family very quickly. Immediately after she arrived she came out and ate with the others, played and slept with them! And even Sophie, who apparently has never played with the others, is now playing with Bacon!

Bacon now spends much of her day playing with all the toys she found that the other cats lost –and getting better acquainted with her new family.

Her owners say, “The huge plus is having a snuggly kitty every night on our bed. It's amazing that for a cat living in the Afghanistan outdoors should be so socialized! Thank you so much for wanting to share Bacon's story! We love her so much.”