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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

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Christo and Pablo
Cristo was born in a hanger at Kabul International Airport in late spring 2010. He is the only survivor of a litter of four and due to some problems with his back legs, he walks a little slowly and has never been able to jump. Although he was abandoned by his mother, Cristo found a new family with the US Marines stationed at that airbase and quickly grew into a friendly and affectionate cat.
Pablo was found as a starving, only days-old, kitten outside a storage hanger at Kabul International Airport. One of the Marines (named Pablo) picked up the crying kitten and put her in his jacket. The Marines hand fed the kitten, who was introduced to Cristo, and they became the best of friends. They lived in the aircraft hangar and although they were pretty dirty, they were both very happy.



When it was their Marine’s time to leave Afghanistan he knew he couldn’t leave them behind. He contacted Nowzad and asked for help.
Nowzad made arrangements to receive both of the cats at the Nowzad Rescue Centre on Friday 4th March 2011. But on the morning they were due to arrive, disaster struck. Their Marine called to say it appeared Pablo had been run over. He was in a very bad way and it was doubtful that he would make it.

Nowzad quickly had them both brought to the Nowzad shelter where a vet was called in to assess Pablo’s condition. The poor cat was icy cold and almost completely
non- responsive. As hard as he tried, the vet could not get an IV into him. Pablo was in severe shock and his veins had collapsed. It didn’t look good for Pablo, but the vet persevered. Eventually he managed to get some warm fluids into Pablo via a tube in the back of his neck.
Pablo made it through those first few hours at the shelter and became slightly more alert. All through that night Louise woke every two hours to put more fluids into Pablo and to turn him over. Amazingly Pablo lasted through the night and by the following morning he was hungry!
He was given food and water but was unable to stand so a routine was set where Pablo was fed, watered and assisted with his toilet business every few hours throughout the day and night.
Pablo amazed all by going from total weakness to strength to more strength. And with a lot of encouragement and will power he beat the odds. Two weeks after his accident he was able to stand! Soon he could even get around unaided -- albeit still a bit wobbly!
Since Cristo has his own problems with the birth defect that has left him a bit unsteady, they are quite the pair. During Pablo’s convalescence, Cristo really missed him.
Now thanks to Nowzad, they are enjoying a very happy life together at their Marine’s home in Florida.