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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Cassie's Story (aka Barfie)
Like some of our other Nowzad rescues, included her new “brother,” Cassie came to her forever home in a pretty round-about way. 
She was originally rescued by an American soldier who told us:

"I met Barfie when I first arrived for my tour of duty in Kabul, Afghanistan. “Barfie” means Snow in Dari and she was affectionately given that name due to her off-white fur. Barfie was a sweet, friendly puppy who warmly greeted us every time we went to the National Military Hospital where we conducted mentoring missions with the Afghan National Army (ANA). I was a mentor for the Medical Logistics division and Barfie was taken care of by the ANA working in that section. My friend and coworker, Anne (in the picture) and I would make special trips over to see Barfie. She followed us around and loved any attention we would give her. Visiting Barfie always brought a smile to my face and joy in an otherwise tenuous environment.
Toward the end of my tour I started worrying about what would happen to Barfie when we left. We asked the ANA and they said most likely she would not find a permanent home.
I contacted Nowzad to see if there was anything that could be done to rescue her and provide her a new home in the United States. My local national linguists and ANA mentees assisted in coordinating the rescue with Nowzad shortly after I redeployed back to the United States”
Barfie was then transported to the Nowzad shelter where she was cared for while funds were raised for her rescue.

Thankfully Barfie soon had the necessary funds for travel. But unfortunately, even though her soldier had hoped that she and her husband could provide a home for Barfie, unforseen circumstances made that impossible. Barfie was once again an orphan.
And then came a new home from an unexpected location – Barfie was going to Kansas!

In August we saw this picture of her and a message from her NEW soldier rescuer:

“So a few weeks ago I hinted on some news to come. Well not too long ago I was messaged by  Nowzad Louise  and we were talking for a bit and a subject came up about a dog that a soldier had rescued, funded, but for some reason still unknown to me was no longer able to receive this dog.
Without further ado I introduce her to all... current name is Barfi, we will rename her in a few days after her personality comes out.”
Barfie was to have a wonderful new life with the same loving family that had rescued Thor earlier.  You can read about his story here.

Barfie’s new “mom” told us more about her:

“Barfi was certainly a surprise as we were asked if we would like to take her and care for her. Of course we couldn’t say no to Nowzad as they helped us get Thor. I picked Barfi up from the airport on August 15th. She was very scared and wouldn’t come out of her kennel for a while. After we got her out she just sat or lay around a lot. We noticed how quiet and loving she was. Her favorite thing to do is to be brushed. She also enjoys playing with her brother Thor and her sister Ladybird. They like to wrestle in the yard and bark at the coyotes in the distance. She also enjoys lying on the front porch and guarding our front door.

We decided it was in our best interest to change her name. We went over this for almost two weeks and finally decided on Cassie. I don’t really know how we came up with her name, but it fits her. Shortly after Cassie came to us my beloved Yorkie passed away. I was heartbroken and Cassie saved me. She knew something was wrong and just knew how to step in and heal the wound of losing my Sophie. We have gotten incredibly close since my husband has been gone for a month on training.

My daughter Annie is the ultimate animal lover, she has taken to Cassie and these two have such a tight bond.

She is very beloved and has the best demeanor. I have to say in quite a few words she is the “perfect” dog. Thank you Nowzad for bringing us Cassie. We love and support you guys forever”.