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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

Helping those who have helped us . . .

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Cash's Story
Cash was found in an alley in Chicago. It looked as though he had been dumped there and he was emaciated – hungry and very thirsty.  The young man who found him took him to Morgan’s Dogs and they agreed to take him on, get him healthy, and find a home for him.

Elana, the owner of Morgan’s Dogs and the trainer for War Dogs Making It Home, tells us that after meeting Cash in person, they decided his friendly, happy nature would make him an ideal candidate for War Dogs.
After giving him time to get healthy and put on weight, they put him into the War Dog program and began working with him, teaching him the basics …

…and then adding some service dog training geared towards PTSD [assistance].”

In this picture he holds a pair of sun glasses for his handler.

Elana says, “Cash is great!  He’s full of spunk, and funny antics and though small, he has the heart of a lion! He would make a really good War Dog.”
Now Cash is almost ready to be matched up with the right veteran.  He continues working on his training as he awaits a new veteran dad to assist with PTSD/TBI.
We hoped to raise $9,000 for Cash’s care, training, and ongoing training and support with his veteran.
Cash Update
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Cash’s funds have been raised!




He is now the official service dog for one of our Vietnam veterans suffering from PTSD.

Robert, Cash’s veteran, had originally been paired with Scrapper.  They were partners for years.  Unfortunately Scrapper’s passing earlier this year left Robert lost without the partner he had loved and relied on.





War Dogs wanted to help Robert, but there were no service dogs available that they felt could replace Scrapper.  Until Cash appeared.

After going through service dog training, Cash was introduced to Robert.



They started working together to see if Cash could possibly become Robert’s new partner.  It would be a wonderful second chance for both of them!





And their relationship began to grow.




Finally they reached graduation and Cash became a full-fledged War Dog and Robert’s new partner!


We’re very grateful to all our SAC Fund donors, including the Tamaki Foundation, for providing the funds to make this special partnership possible!



Thank you for creating another happy ending!