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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

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Betty White's Story
It’s going to be a true “white” Christmas for Betty White and her family as she arrived home in Colorado only a few weeks ago – just in time for the holidays.
Betty White’s soldier told us about meeting her when he was stationed in Afghanistan.  He said,

“I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. I want to take Betty home to America with me because ever since my team and I first saw her at the Afghan Army base we wanted to take care of her. When we first saw her back in late August she looked as if she was only a couple months old and wasn't getting the right food and loving she needed. We have seen her being treated very badly by multiple Afghans.“

At first Betty White’s future seemed pretty bleak, but then her soldier tells of the Marines’ hope to save her.

“So when we heard about the Nowzad group and how they save/ rescue animals, and later have them get adopted by families that would truly care and love for them [we thought there was hope for Betty ].

We took Betty back to our base and gave her a bath and fed her some good food. At first she was scared because this kind of hospitality had never happened to her, but she soon grew fond of us. The second we kept Betty in my buddies’ and my room I was always petting her or making toys so she could have something to play with. That’s when I knew I wanted Betty.

And I came to love her because she couldn’t sleep at night unless it was by my side, sleeping in my bed. Also she would bark if I left the room and be sad/ whimper when I wasn’t there or didn’t let her on my bed at the time.

I love Betty White because I think about her health and when I can see her again back in the United States running around and having a great life with me. A man could ask for no better friend than a dog and I want mine to be Betty White.”

Betty White was soon transported to the Nowzad shelter in Kabul and donors were touched by her story – and her soldier’s efforts to help her.
Before long, thanks to many caring donors, she had received enough donations to send her on her way.
Betty White’s arrival at her soldier’s home was definitely a joyful occasion.

All members of the family were on hand to greet her.

And every effort was made to make her feel at home.

It wasn’t long before she adjusted to American life – rides in cars included.
Her soldier tells us, “Betty has adopted very well to her home with me.  She plays great with other dogs and loves the amount of land she has to run around and play. She eats great, Loves cuddling and getting petted.”
Looks like this sweet dog has found a truly happy life and seeing her home is a lovely holiday gift for all of us.