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Soldiers' Animal Companions Fund

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Bear's Story
When Bear arrived at the Nowzad shelter he followed another recently rescued “Bear” dog, so he was initially designated “Tiny Bear” to avoid identity confusion.
Tiny Bear was a good name for him since, as you can see, he was definitely tiny. 
His rescuer told us,
“I worked for a Special Operations Task Force in western Afghanistan. While out doing a patrol at our front ECP gate I saw a small little dog trying to get into a trash can that was twenty times bigger than him just to get some food.”

This was a sad little puppy.  His ears and tail had been cut and he was not in good shape.

His rescuer says, “I went over and picked him up and he had not had anything to eat or drink in a few days because his condition was very bad. He was dragging his back legs and he looked like he was not going to make it. I named him Bear because he looked like a little polar bear cub.”



I took him back to my room and gave him a bath and some food. I think he slept for over a day after that.

Over the course of a week I decided that I was going to take him back home to the States with me.
Thanks to Nowzad and SAC Fund -- they helped make it possible.
Bear is now living large in California and has all the love he could ever want.

The following pictures show Bear at home in California. 
Here Bear (not so tiny any more) and his owner visit the vet shortly after his arrival.

And at home there was a new big brother for Bear to meet -- Dozer

Fortunately the two of them soon became best buddies.

His rescuer sums up his new life with these words,
“Bear is doing great, my wife and I are having our first child in June and he is my wife’s little bodyguard. We have him in doggy training classes and everyone loves him.
He is still getting used to everything but he is so loved.“